Drain Channels With Grating / Gully Cover

Gratings :

  • “THERMODRAIN” Gratings are with ZERO FILLER CONTENT due to which it dosen't have air voids, hence doesn't require void filling & painting / coating.
  • Due to Zero filler “THERMODRAIN” Gratings perform far superior under load bearing and weathering. They do not crack under open sunlight and have higher impact resistance than FRP Gratings with filler contents. Its high flexural strength doesn't allows permanent deformation due to load.
  • “THERMODRAIN” Gratings are self pigmented, non painted.
  • “THERMODRAIN” Gratings are one piece molded jointless (Interwoven Construction).
Recommendation of Correct Load application of grating
M.O.C of Grating : FRP
M.O.C of Angle Frame : MS or FRP
Channel Width Out To Out Grating Size
(30 mm)
Load Bearing
250mm 330mm * 1006mm * 30mm Light & Heavy Duty Vehicles
350mm 414mm * 1006mm * 30mm Light & Medium Duty Vehicles
400mm 488mm * 1006mm * 30mm Only Light Duty Vehicles
450mm & above 525mm * 1006mm * 30mm Only Pedestrian Movement
Channel Width Out To Out Grating Size
(40 mm)
Load Bearing
250mm 326mm * 1001mm * 40mm Light & Heavy Duty Vehicles
350mm 406mm * 1001mm * 40mm Light & Heavy Duty Vehicles
400mm 485mm * 1001mm * 40mm Light & Medium Duty Vehicles
450mm 525mm * 1001mm * 40mm Only Light Duty Vehicles
500mm & above 564mm * 1001mm * 40mm Only Pedestrian Movement
For any channel width above 450mm, our product recommendation for vehicular movement will be water gully covers
FRP "L" Angle for 30mm ht. Grating : 35mm x 35mm x 4mm thk.
FRP "L" Angle for 40mm ht. Grating : 45mm x 45mm x 4mm thk.
Pictures Of Installed Gratings
Gratings Gratings
Gratings Gratings
For Standard Sizes Of Gratings and Load Bearing Recommendations
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